At last . . . a convenient escape for the cosmetics of today.

At last, a case for the lipsticks and cosmetics of today. Holds most lip colors—short and long sizes and shapes. So fashionable you'll want one for every purse. So affordable you'll give this gift to all of your girlfriends.

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Do you store your lip gloss or personal items in a hard-to-access cosmetic bag, in a plastic baggie, or worse . . . loose in your purse to get lost or leak in your handbag?

No more do you need to see your best handbag ruined by leaking or smeared lip color.
LipScapes is specially designed to contain your favorite lip colors, make up or personal items.

No more do you need to sift through the bottom of your purse for your favorite lip color.
LipScapes is easy to find and holds most shapes and sizes.

No more do you need to use the reflection from your friend's sunglasses
to put on your lipstick.
LipScapes has a handy built-in mirror, so you’re always lookin’good!

LipScapes. . . what will you put into it?

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